Two of my daughters originally had Melanie as their Dance Teacher when members of Star Train. One continued into young adulthood as a pupil of LDA and achieved amazing results as a performer and in her dance exams.

Melanie instilled a love of performing in my daughter, who gained so much confidence and skill that she went on to study Performing Arts at Petroc and then gained a place at Arts Ed in London where she achieved a degree in Musical Theatre.

Melanie continues to take a genuine interest in all her students when they move on and even travelled to watch Heidi in her final show before graduating. Many of Melanie's older pupils return to their roots to take part in LDA's local shows.

True examples of mutual respect and thanks for what they have achieved.

I was a student of Melanie’s from the age of 4 until leaving for university at 18. As well as the high quality dance training I received, La Tragna Dance Academy also helped me to gain confidence.

In my final years I had the opportunity to train for my ballet teaching qualification. I have continued to dance and teach whilst at university and beyond. I am thankful for my opportunities and experiences with LDA and would highly recommend to anyone.

I have been dancing with Melanie for 14 years and have been part of LDA since it began. There’s a wide range of classes available to anyone, whether you want to be a professional or just dance for fun. All the staff and students are very friendly. I would highly recommend.

I started dancing under the tuition of Melanie when I was around 4 years old all the way up until I was 16 and gained a scholarship at Drama school.

Not only did I learn lots of different dance styles, I gained confidence and most importantly had lots of fun making memories! The La Tragna Dance academy is friendly, exciting and supportive and you couldn't wish for better.

Bailey Edwards

I attended La Tragna dance academy for many years gaining a great confidence and understand across many forms of dance through training, examinations and performances.

There were many genres of dance offered, even choreography, which allowed me to explore my creativity. Melaine was an amazing teacher whose help and guidance helped me gain a place on the foundation course at Bodywork performing arts in Cambridge. From there I then went on to gain a degree in Theatre Dance from London Studio Centre.

All which would not have been possible without the knowledge and confidence I gained at La Tragna Dance Academy.

As a young performer looking for somewhere to develop your skills, there really isn’t a better place than La Tragna Dance Academy.

Melanie and her team are professional and nurturing in their approach, and you are made to feel safe and free to express yourself which is so important.

There is a wide choice of styles and disciplines to learn as well as plenty of performance opportunities and exams to take part in, so you really feel you are achieving and progressing. They also help you prepare for auditions for Dance and Drama schools, which many of us went on to audition for successfully.

Most importantly La Tragna Dance Academy is a family - you will make friends for life, as everyone is brought together by their love of performing.

I started dancing with Melanie from the age of 4 until the age of 18, the school welcomes a wide range of training for all ages and abilities with great teachers. The experiences has given me great confidence and I would highly recommend La Tragna Dance academy to anyone.

Hettie Pearson

Excellent training, after my training here I was able to secure a place at Performing Arts College Italia Conti in London, I have now been a graduated professional dancer for 9 years, I wouldn’t have got where I was today without the training I had with Melanie.

My daughter has danced here for many years. A wide range of dance styles available with experienced teachers. Helps to build the confidence of pupils to go on and have many opportunities in the world of performing arts.

My daughter has danced for La Tragna her whole dancing career.

The teaching and Individual attention each child gets is second to none. La Tragna is Emily’s Dance family. Welcoming, supportive and familiar. The opportunities to perform and grow as a dancer are fantastic. Emily has been encouraged and supported to help her follow her dream of becoming a dancer professionally, we couldn’t have ask for a better role model or teacher than Melanie and Emily has always been taught by all teachers she’s had with respect and individuality. If your looking for a school that is welcoming and professional whatever standard, whether for love or future, look no further.

Ben Davis

The team here are great and the school is very professional.

I have had the best training possible from La Tragna Dance academy and I started with Very little dance experience! They welcome all abilities/ages and teach lots of styles of dance. I’m very thankful for the training I’ve received and would defiantly recommend to anyone!